Native Planet Images - Around the World in a Viewfinder

Around the World in a Viewfinder (AWV) specializes in exclusive images of the remotest corners of the world--and the exotic cultures secreted there. These images are the fruit of personal experiences for our non-profit organization, Native Planet (, and include captions as vivid as the images they describe. Photo documentaries containing little known, traditional cultural information are our forte. National Geographic, the UN, numerous magazines, school curricula, children's books and other non-profits all use our images. AWV can also arrange custom photography to meet your needs with our uniquely eye-catching images.

AWV is proud to feature images from internationally recognized photographer Jean-Philippe Soulé, who captured these soul-stealing photographs along his paths to remote places the world over. As a child, his discovery of Jacques Cousteau's documentaries left him with a life-long, unquenchable passion for traveling to far-distant places and recording the traditional peoples and cultures that make each location unique. His happiest times, those spent with tribal people in Asia and Latin America, are reflected in the sensitivity and vibrant life of each of his images. To see the world through his eyes is to see a universe that exists solely within the boundaries of his love and respect for his subjects.